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Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage

A large part of “Branding” is signage. Whether it is signage for your building’s exterior, its interior or your company’s vehicles. The advantage of vehicle signage is that the vehicles move to different locals and park and then drive to other locals. They are, in effect, traveling billboards. Wherever they are dispatched, they can communicate your message all along the way. That message must be consistent with the overall branding, colors, logo and type fonts and…your surveyed message. Done correctly, the traveling billboards will add to the company’s image and especially to potential customers awareness. Very soon the phones start to ring, email and web traffic begins to flood in to find out more about your product or service, which then leads to many more…NEW SALES!!!

Clearwater Egg & Poultry

Clearwater Egg & Poultry Black Truck


TESTIMONIAL: “After 10 years I am still a believer. I wasn’t sure at first that “Fleet Vehicle Signage” would work for us but I was hopeful. Great news, it has worked beyond my expectations! We drive into new areas, park our trucks at new businesses, and very soon thereafter we get calls and new business from that new area. Your “Traveling Billboard” concept really has worked and is attracting much attention and many new customers. Thanks to Potter Marketing & Branding for your creative, affordable, and timely corporate Logo and Branding program and now our fleet signage. You delivered much more than you promised.”

(It is now more than 12 years since this design program was implemented and the top photo (above) is the second design update. It is still providing consistent value and we have gone from one truck to six carrying our logo and brand into all new areas). 

DMR, President & CEO of Clearwater Egg & Poultry



Residences Fontainebleau – Active Senior Living


TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you very much for your creativity and your exceptional services. We would like to mention your excellent logo design work that you did for “Les Residences Fontainebleau” and my company “Les Appartements Montreal-Nord Ltee.  The logo and overall graphics made the company trucks stand out and be recognizable by the entire community. Another great logo you created for us earlier was for “Construction Renovabec” and after two decades it is still very up-to-date. Thanks again.” 

Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Owner & CEO of Les Residences Fontainebleau, Les Appartements Montréal-Nord Ltée, Construction Rénovabec.


Shephard’s Beach Resort

Shephard’s Beach Resort – Guest & Beach Cart

Shephard’s Beach Resort in Clearwater Beach needed a unique attention-getting and fun series of guest and beach transportation carts. Only glad to help, we created a memorable series of transports that added to the fun and branded the resort as a really cool place to stay.

Shephard’s Beach Resort – Sea Food Guest & Beach Cart


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