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Below are a few reviews/testimonials about our corporate logos and branding projects from some of our very satisfied clients. Read them and discover why our clients return and tell others about our…5+ Decades of Designed Results!


TESTIMONIAL: We asked many others to design a logo for us that would express and convey the complex concepts we needed to communicate – with no success.

Then we were lucky enough to meet Jack Potter of Potter Marketing & Branding and gave him the same brief we had previously given to others. Jack, however, turned our brief into the most stunning logo concept that communicated exactly what we wanted it to, and he created a Logo that is (in our opinion) one of the best and most communicative we have ever seen anywhere. Brilliantly done Jack, we are very grateful to you. Your Logo will live long and, we expect, join the Logo Hall of Fame.

Peter D. Warren, Founder, CEO ExoTech Ltd


Jon von Gunten, Copywriter, Public RelationsTESTIMONIAL: A great outfit to work with because Jack brings a toolbox of business smarts and ideas that are unusual to find in Marketing & Branding agencies. So they’re quick on the pick-up and then they turn out promotional products that look great, are tightly written…AND appeal to your clients’ and prospects’ business instincts. The logo you created for us was a great example of your creativity and skill in getting an excellent quality product.

Jon von Gunten, CEO, Globescope, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: If you’re looking for a logo in Clearwater, FL area, call Jack at Potter Marketing & Branding. He really went way above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was happy with the final logo. This included offering well over a dozen unique designs and variations based on my input and continually following up with me to help get the project done efficiently. His insight into the impact of colors and design elements was crucial in shaping the final design. I would recommend Jack to anyone who values quality and service over cheap, unprofessional junk. If you want to be in business long, your logo and your brand are your best investments.

Jim Kurtz, CEO, Expansion Marketing


TESTIMONIAL: Potter Marketing & Branding, the company, is run by Jack Potter, a man – I’ve known him for years – of not only extensive, award-winning advertising and marketing experience, but also principles of trustworthiness and Texas-straight honesty – that alone should make other business people want to use his services. Yet, Potter is also a visionary, an artist who can bring your untested ideas into surveyed, dependable realities incorporated into marketing campaigns that will get you results.

Ronald Joseph Kule, An internationally published author, biographer, and ghostwriter.


TESTIMONIAL: Jack of Potter Marketing & Branding designed a professional logo for my company, which I’m very happy with. He designed 5 different directions for us, then surveyed to see which one was best received and portrayed my company’s services well. He was quick to handle all communications and changes or adjustments. In a short period of time, I had an attractive, professional logo that was also practical for use in many applications. He provided it in HD and low res, with white and clear backgrounds, and in multiple formats. This made it easy for my printer and graphics people. This project was a great success and I recommend his services highly.

Michael Piacenza, CEO, Advantage Pest Control


TESTIMONIAL: I used Potter Marketing & Branding to create my company’s professional logo. Jack Potter did an excellent job, quickly and he designed exactly what I was looking for. He is a true professional with an excellent artistic vision. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a custom corporate logo, branding, or any marketing materials. Thank you, Jack.

Patricia Nemeth, Founder & CEO, KexWorks Website Design


TESTIMONIAL: “Jack is as professional as they get. He delivers the goods – and they are REALLY GOOD goods. Just look at the work he’s done. Most designers I know are design-only-oriented, what looks cool. Jack has this in mind, of course, but he also has the more important thing in mind – results, and sales for his clients. After all, that’s what they hire him for. Jack WILL get you results!!”

Michael Manoogian, Founder, Award-Winning L.A. Logo Designer


TESTIMONIAL: “For years I have wanted to get a corporate logo created as I saw its importance. I finally went ahead with Jack at Potter Marketing & Branding and the process was fast, professional, and spot-on. After the logo was created, we had Jack design our business cards, invoices, and email signature for starters.

What I do is not easy to get across to most people that are new to the subject. Jack’s ideas and recommendation to add the products that I create to the backside of the business card, make answering the question “what do you do” quite easy and fast. I simply hand them my business card and say “what I do is on the back of my card.” They read it right then and there and have no questions. The card says it all and the logo sets me apart from others in my field. Thank you. I plan to hire Jack for 2 additional start-up companies this year for some PR and Marketing Campaigns.”

Bob Lawrason, Founder & CEO, Legacy Design  (Permaculture Design)


TESTIMONIAL: We recently embarked on our new comprehensive image program with Potter Marketing & Branding and we have just finished a very successful fiscal year. Your staff’s contribution has had a significant impact on Hirsch Electronics Corporation. We have seen revenue growth of over 30% annually. Potter Marketing & Branding was selected not only for its creative talents but equally for its understanding of the business side of doing business. More importantly, I felt Jack would be assertive and speak up when we were not making the best choices. Jack, you have delivered again and again.

The new logo proved to be more than an advertising tool. It was an inspiration to our organization. The logo really made us feel high-tech, modern, and professional and has been very flexible and dramatic on our business cards, our sales literature, our product packaging – everywhere.

The consistency of look and feel throughout the ad campaign, sales brochures, binders, and even on the products themselves has been powerful. We truly have achieved our goals of establishing the Hirsch Brand at the high end of our market.

The success of advertising and marketing campaigns is hard to measure, but if our bottom line is any indication, together, we have been very successful. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future.” (Hirsch sold to Identive Group after growing from $12 Million t0 $145 Million in sales since engaging us!)

Rob Zivney, Hirsch Electronics Corporation formerly Vice President of Marketing, now Vice President of Government & Standards, of the Identive Group, Hirsch Electronic’s parent.


dorisTESTIMONIAL: “Potter Marketing provided us with professional, artistic, and effective marketing materials. All of our needs were met with a complete understanding of what was essential and of where we wanted to go with our marketing. Guidance was offered when necessary. All of our deadlines were met. We were always offered a variety of ideas and designs enabling us to choose the best for what was needed. The only problem being that sometimes all of the ideas and designs were great, making choosing more difficult.”

Doris Caitak, former Investor and Branding Director, Nature’s Embrace Organics Brand; PartnerMarketing Director, Native State Organics, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: “Your careful research, your planning, marketing, and graphic design produced very professional promotional literature and advertisements that clearly stand out, and get us results. We contracted with you to get us 100% growth in one year. Remarkably, you helped us achieve a 450% growth in just 90 days. That is really – Designed Results. We highly recommend all of Jack’s services.”

Leonard Ryan, President, RAM Computer Associates


TESTIMONIAL: “I hired Jack Potter of Potter Marketing & Branding to create a logo and branding plan for my new consulting firm, Vision Practice Management, Inc. He did an amazing array of excellent designs based on the criteria I laid out, including the survey results we had gathered. When the surveys required major changes in our direction, Jack rolled with the punches and helped make it work for us. When we urgently needed materials put together for a trade show on a very tight timeframe, Jack was right there doing spectacular work when we most needed it. As prospects have looked at the materials, that Jack produced using the logo he designed, a common comment about our brand-new firm is “Yea, I’ve heard of you guys.” So Jack even gave us the appearance of a long, successful history! It’s been a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend his services.”

David Sanders, CEO & Sr. Consultant, Vision Practice Management, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you very much for your creativity and your exceptional services. We would like to mention the excellent logo design work that you did for “Les Residences Fontainebleau” and my other company “Les Appartements Montreal-Nord Ltee.”  The logo and overall graphics made the company vehicles stand out and be recognizable by the entire community. Another great logo you created for us was “Construction Renovabec” and after many years it is still very up-to-date. Thanks again.”

Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Owner & CEO of Les Residences Fontainbleau, Les Appartements Montréal-Nord, and Construction Rénovabec Inc. 


TESTIMONIAL: “Jack is a true artist. I could, for instance, present Jack with a fuzzy, loose concept or idea that I had in my head, and he could turn that into great graphics and messaging. His agency has done projects for us for over a dozen years and is still working with us today. Jack is always responsive and able to turn things around quickly, even when we give him last-minute projects.”

Scott Howell, High-tech Marketing Executive.


TESTIMONIAL: “Do you need fresh, experienced creative talent from time to time? I am recommending Jack Potter to all my contacts. Why you might ask? Simple, Jack is one of the best creative advertising and marketing minds I have worked with. I hired Jack & Potter Marketing & Branding for a national product rollout when I was the sales and marketing manager for CACTUS Software. He did direct mail pieces, brochures, magazine ads, and a spectacular software box. My direct mail response exceeded 7%. The magazine advertisements keep the phone ringing. It was a very successful marketing campaign! CACTUS was so successful that 3M made the three owners an offer they could not refuse. 3M purchased the company.”

J. A., Sales & Marketing Manager, Cactus Software, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: “After more than 15 years I am a believer. I wasn’t sure at first that “Fleet Vehicle Signage” would work for us but I was hopeful. Great news, it has worked beyond my expectations! We drive into new areas, park our trucks at new businesses and very soon thereafter we have calls and new business coming from other businesses in that same area. Your “Traveling Billboards” concept has really worked for our business and is constantly attracting great attention and new customers. Thanks to Potter Marketing & Branding for your creative, affordable, and timely corporate logo and Branding program and now our fleet signage and our spectacular website. You delivered much more than you promised. If you have a prospect or a customer that would like to ask me about your work, feel free to have them call me. Thanks again for your excellent work.”

DMR, CEO & President, Clearwater Egg & Poultry



TESTIMONIAL: “To my dear friend Jack Potter of Potter Marketing & Branding, I am much indebted for your swift, affordable, and spot-on creation of the Brunnen Publishing corporate logo. Thank you for being the very fine artist that you are!

Lee Kessler, CEO, Brunnen Publishing, Author of White King and the Doctor & White King Rising



TESTIMONIAL: “Jack Potter is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him for any creative endeavors. I had the honor of working with Jack when I was a partner at CD Associates. Jack and his team at Potter Marketing & Branding put together a smoking HOT marketing and collateral campaign that helped to take us international…Singapore, Hong Kong, China, France, the UK, Japan, India, all of South America, and Canada. We became #1 in the Americas with our CD test devices and #3 worldwide. We owe our thanks to Jack and his team for helping us become a household name in the Americas. Thank you, Jack and Potter Marketing & Branding for your professionalism and creativity! I am looking forward to working with you again! Feel free to have any prospect or client call us about your services.”

Vicki Norton, Partner & VP Marketing, CD Associates


TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Jack Potter and his Potter Marketing & Branding team for more than a dozen years. We now benefit from the efficiency of a partner that knows our business, knows our style, and knows how we think. Today, they work just as smart and just as creatively to earn our business as they did more than a dozen years ago. Potter Marketing & Branding truly is a strategic partner to Hirsch Electronics.” (Hirsch was so successful that they were eventually bought out by the Identive Group.)

Rob Zivney, formerly Vice President of Marketing, Hirsch Electronics Corporation, now is Vice President of Government & Standards, of the Identive Group, Hirsch Electronic’s parent.


TESTIMONIAL: “Jack of Potter Marketing & Branding and I have done several projects together. His work was always a highlight of the project. The quality stood out in the fact that the economic value to the client, in terms of new business, was well above the norm and, more often, spectacular. You may feel free to use me as a reference.”

Liam Leahy, CEO, Management Consultant 


TESTIMONIAL: “I’d like to give you some feedback on the work you did for Balboa Water Group regarding our customer satisfaction survey. The way Potter Marketing & Branding helped us put together our customer satisfaction survey request this year gave us insights into our customer base that we haven’t had in over 4 years of running this survey. As you remember, we had been using another industry-specific research/customer opinion group for our surveys, and this time we had you perform our survey for this year. You helped us go beyond just “are you satisfied” to what are some of the drivers behind that satisfaction and how can we keep and win business. The rest of the executives on the team were impressed by the results and we’ve instituted some new programs because of the findings. Thanks for your creative approach to an otherwise traditional task. Feel free to use us as a reference.”

Bob Spillar, VP Marketing, Balboa Water Group


TESTIMONIAL: “Potter Marketing & Branding’s redesign of our website has been very well received by focus groups, management, and our clients. Your re-work of our sales-critical RFQ section drew comments for its clean design, clear writing, and ease of use in a crucial business process. Additionally, PM&B’s turnaround time was reliably fast. Jack and his team were willing to work long hours to meet deadlines and deal with many changes.”

Karen von Gunten,  Advertising Manager, Electro Rent Corporation


TESTIMONIAL: “MCA Engineers, Inc. is a small engineering company established in 1972. At the beginning of 1998, we felt a need to update our corporate image and to create some company brochures introducing our services. We interviewed several marketing companies including Potter Marketing & Branding. Although the price proposed by PM was not the lowest, we were quite impressed by the portfolio of their past projects. We contracted Potter Marketing to produce our brochures.

During the preparation phase, we found the staff of Potter Marketing & Branding to be hardworking, creative, and professionals striving for perfection. The rarest quality we discovered during our numerous interfacing was their attitude. They were very patient in understanding our strong points and our objectives. Yet they were quite flexible in making revisions upon revisions until we were all mutually satisfied with the product. As a result, the quality of the brochures far exceeded our expectations. We have received so many compliments that will certainly translate to enhancing our company image. At the end of the day, the final product met the budget and time schedule we had planned from the beginning.

Because Potter Marketing did such an excellent job for us, we extended the brochure project to include six additional data sheets. As before, these data sheets are of top quality. Combined with the main brochure, we are armed with very impressive materials to market MCA Engineers. Now that the printed material is completed, we have marched forward in contracting Potter Marketing to create our new Website. We had confidence that the finished product will be excellent and will attract a lot of attention and it did.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere appreciation to all the staff at Potter Marketing & Branding that were involved in our project and Mr. Jack Potter in particular. Good luck and continue to be prosperous. If you want to prosper, call Jack”

Dr. Maxwell Cheung, Founder & President, MCA Engineers, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: “Dear Potter Marketing & Branding, Thank you for your contributions to Beck Computer Systems in your capacity as our marketing and public relations specialists.

The entire marketing team was very effective in getting us focused. I know we will be growing much more rapidly with all the new interest in the Fraud Prevention Smart System. Our volume of new leads has expanded ten times since our PR and marketing launch in June. You delivered way beyond our expectations. My special thanks to the fine graphics and promotional work of Jack Potter’s Creative Direction, Jon von Gunten’s publicity and writing skills, and Liam Leahy’s skill as a planner, coordinator, and ramrod of the entire project. The entire PR and Marketing program, working together, is what really made this relationship stand above any other advertising or marketing firm. Our future looks very promising. We highly recommended you to anyone who wishes to expand their business.”

Gary D. Beck, Founder & CEO, Beck Computers Systems, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: Congratulations on the beautiful logo you did for our corporation. The concept was quite brilliant where you took an odd shape, flipped it to the right, flipped it again, and turned it up and, quite amazingly, it created an “M” and an “N’ for Moffatt and Nichol. It was stunning in its simplicity and execution and looked very engineered. Management, staff, and more importantly, our clients love it. Thanks again!

The Management & Staff,  Moffatt & Nichol Engineers, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: “I was impressed with the quality of Potter Marketing & Branding’s final product, as well as with the process of producing it. The ability of your team, especially Jack Potter, to draw out and project our best sales feature, our people, was an important factor in Wolder Engineering’s growth from a small company (approximately $14 million annual sales) to a medium-size company ($48 million annual sales).

I know that we could not produce such a brochure ourselves — we tried on our own as well as made attempts with other advertising agencies, but no one else provided the right interpersonal chemistry, creativity, and follow-through.”

Thomas M. Allen, Manager/New Business Development, Jacobs/Wolder Group, (In September 1993, the Jacobs Group acquired Wolder Engineers and Constructors.)


TESTIMONIAL: “All of the final launch date deadlines were met ahead of schedule! The response from our doctor customer base has been very strong with numerous requests for additional copies of the poster. With you and Potter Marketing as a team member, we have created a dazzling and very effective communication tool.”

Rob Morris, V.P. Marketing, DenCharge & CareCredit


TESTIMONIAL: “Working with Potter Marketing & Branding is truly a pleasure and your creative ideas along with state-of-the-art design technology made wonderful things happen for us and quickly. Feel free to use me as a reference.”

W.D. Allen, Marketing & Sales Manager, Newport Adhesives & Composites


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