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Product Brochures

Corporate & Product Brochures

At Potter Marketing & Branding we know that this is quite a “transitional era” between paper and ink solutions and electronic solutions. Your company must have both a full array of physical literature like corporate and product brochures and a solid Web presence. Additionally, your literature must promote your Web site and the Web site must promote your physical literature to gain maximum exposure and results.

The graphic design, copywriting, layout, photography, illustration, and printing of your corporate and product brochures must be communicative of the benefits and the features of your product or service to such a degree that the prospective client is immediately “closed” and becomes your avid supporter.


TESTIMONIAL: “Dear Potter Marketing, Thank you for your contributions to Beck Computer Systems in your capacity as our marketing and public relations specialists. The entire marketing team was very effective in getting us focused. I know we will be growing much more rapidly with all the new interest in the Fraud Prevention Smart System. Our volume of new leads has expanded ten times since our PR and marketing launch in June. You delivered way beyond our expectations. My special thanks to the fine promotional work of Jack Potter, his Creative Direction, and his team of professionals. The entire PR and Marketing program, working together, is what really made this relationship stand above any other advertising or marketing firm. Our future looks very promising. We highly recommended you to anyone who wishes to expand their business.”

Gary D. Beck, Chief Executive Officer, Beck Computer Systems, Inc.

Beck Computer Systems “A Matter of Speed”


Below are just some of the innovative branding solutions we’ve created for our clients.

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H.Koch & Sons “Innovation”

Pro Star

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