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Pocket Folders

Corporate & Product Pocket Folders

Hilbert & Assoc-Civil Engineers & Const.

Cosmetic Car Care – Fleet Auto Detailing


Vision Engineering – Factory Floor System Integrators

M-Flex Corp – Flexible Circuit Board Mfg

Newtech Resources, Inc.–Marine Engineering - Pocket Presentation Folder

Newtech Resources, Inc.–Marine Engineering

Hirsch Electronics – High-Security Access Control Systems

PAC Foam Products, Inc. – Foam Products Manufacturing

Brinderson Corporation – Engineering & Construction

LOGOS & BRANDING TESTIMONIAL: “Jack is a true artist. I could, for instance, present Jack with a fuzzy, loose concept or idea that I had in my head, and he could turn that into great graphics and messaging. His agency has done projects for us for over a dozen years and is still working with us today. Jack is always responsive and able to turn things around quickly, even when we give him last-minute projects.”

Scott Howell, High-tech Marketing Executive.


TESTIMONIAL: “Do you need fresh, experienced creative talent from time to time? I am recommending Jack Potter to all my contacts. Why you might ask? Simple, Jack is one of the best creative advertising and marketing minds I have worked with. In the mid 90’s I hired Jack & Potter Marketing for a national product rollout when I was the sales and marketing manager for CACTUS Software. He did direct mail pieces, brochures, magazine ads, and a spectacular software box. My direct mail response exceeded 7%. The magazine advertisement keeps the phone ringing. It was a very successful marketing campaign! CACTUS was so successful that 3M made the three owners an offer they could not refuse. 3M purchased the company.”

Jack A., Sales & Marketing Manager, Cactus Software.

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