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Pocket Folders

Corporate & Product Pocket Folders

Hilbert & Assoc-Civil Engineers & Const.

Cosmetic Car Care – Fleet Auto Detailing


Vision Engineering – Factory Floor System Integrators

M-Flex Corp – Flexible Circuit Board Mfg

Newtech Resources, Inc.–Marine Engineering - Pocket Presentation Folder

Newtech Resources, Inc.–Marine Engineering

Hirsch Electronics – High-Security Access Control Systems

PAC Foam Products, Inc. – Foam Products Manufacturing

Brinderson Corporation – Engineering & Construction

LOGOS & BRANDING TESTIMONIAL: “Jack is a true artist. I could, for instance, present Jack with a fuzzy, loose concept or idea that I had in my head, and he could turn that into great graphics and messaging. His agency has done projects for us for over a dozen years and is still working with us today. Jack is always responsive and able to turn things around quickly, even when we give him last minute projects.”

Scott Howell, High-tech Marketing Executive.


TESTIMONIAL: “Do you need fresh, experienced creative talent from time to time. I am recommending Jack Potter to all my contacts. Why you might ask? Simple, Jack is one of the best creative advertising and marketing minds I have worked with. In the mid 90’s I hired Jack & Potter Marketing for a national product rollout when I was the sales and marketing manager for CACTUS Software. He did direct mail pieces, brochures, magazine ads and a spectacular software box. My direct mail response exceeded 7%. The magazine advertisement keeps the phone ringing. It was a very successful marketing campaign! CACTUS was so successful that 3M made the three owners an offer they could not refuse. 3M purchased the company.”

Jack A., Sales & Marketing Manager, Cactus Software.

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