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Karen Drew
V.P. Marketing Research, and Survey Analysis, Impression Testing of: Graphics, Images & Logos

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Why Would We Do Market Research and Surveys For Your Company? Market research and surveys, when correctly done, make the difference between success and failure in product development and marketing campaigns. Tightly followed, our research can at least double the responses per dollar from any of your programs.

Our Tested Methods Are Better Than Focus Groups We speak directly with your actual clients and prospects to get their logical thought processes as well as their subjective feelings because both factors motivate clients to purchase, even when dealing with technical products and services.

“If you want to know what consumers want, ask!” wrote Faith Popcorn, internationally renown author of The Popcorn Report. “The trick, of course, is knowing what questions to ask, and knowing how to listen to the answers,” she said.

Having found focus groups inferior, Popcorn writes, “We especially like in-depth interviews, one-on-one conversations with consumers. It’s a more intimate process, more probing. You can reach deep levels of understanding about a consumer’s likes and dislikes without the common problems of bias and too small a representative sampling that are inherent in focus groups.”

Our researchers are very highly trained in the communication and interviewing skills vital to first establishing rapport and then eliciting valuable, reliable results.

Our reports are clear, simple and easy to read. They firmly establish your market’s “go buttons” and “kill buttons.” We tabulate the objective and subjective responses and then isolate the phrases or “go buttons” which when used in marketing campaigns, will elicit the greatest response towards your product or service. The deliverables are formatted so that you can review the overall big picture, and then drill down to review specific factors and trends, even the details of individual responses.

Why Not Use Focus Groups? You have seen how assertive personalities dominate any group. In focus groups, they influence the less dominant to follow the loudest opinion. So results downplay the buying power and opinions of quieter members.

Integrity is an issue. On 4/3/00, Los Angeles Business Journal ran the exposé, “Is Your Focus Group Legit? Cheating Rampant.” LABJ detailed how focus group firms hired the same “focus groupies” once or twice a week to fill any demographic slot a client required. Your “engineering professionals, 25-35” may actually be clerks, bartenders and aspiring actors.

We keep full records of each interview with every contact, and our reports let you drill down to any level.

What You Can Expect From Us? Using expertise acquired in the successful execution of over 700 different research projects, we design, write and execute a series of studies to probe and profile customers and prospects. We find out specifically what they need and want from you and how they feel about your product or service so that those needs can be filled in a manner which will elicit the greatest possible response. We discover the “hot buttons” that will make your public demand your products and services by identifying and isolating the attitudes that motivate your prospects to take action and respond.

Our results give you not only a clear direction to proceed, but they also give you the exact marketing concepts, phrases, and attitudes that we will put into ads, articles and web content, to name only a few, to make consumers trust you and buy from you.

That’s real market research NOT psycho-babble.

Call us, let’s talk about impact!

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