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Jack Potter, CEO, Creative Director

Jack Potter, CEO, Creative Director & Senior Consultant

Our Marketing Consulting

Potter Marketing & Branding is a marketing consultancy focused on solving the “correct” marketing problems and building our client’s bottom lines. For more than five decades Jack has helped hundreds of companies do just that.

Many of our entrepreneurial clients are much, much too close to their own tree to see the forest. They see only the bark of their tree. Jack helps them back away and take a hard look at the bigger picture. By collaborating with our clients we come to understand their goals and purposes and help them identify, through research and surveys, their positioning, marketing strategies, and tactical programs as a basis for their overall marketing plans, as well as to establish new product launches and update their existing campaigns.

Potter Marketing & Branding often uncovers the hidden opportunities and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in otherwise unrealized business profits and a much greater potential left on the table for the taking.

Potter says, “Most companies have realized they can only afford proven experts and state-of-the-art techniques that get predictable results,” He suggests that you “Don’t bargain hunt!”

We rely on our ability to identify all of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and hidden assets. Then we formulate a strategy and assemble the right team of experts for superior execution. “We specialize in difficult assignments that other agencies can’t or won’t handle,” Jack explains.

Our philosophy is to get the maximum results with the least expense and with the maximum efficiency.

Doesn’t that sound like your philosophy too?

TESTIMONIAL: “I’d like to give you some feedback on the work you did for Balboa Water Group regarding our customer satisfaction survey. The way Potter Marketing & Branding helped us put together our request this year, gave us insights into our customer base that we haven’t had in the over 4 years of running this survey. As you remember, we had been using another industry-specific research, and customer opinion group for our surveys, and this year we had you perform our survey. You helped us go well beyond just “are you satisfied” to what are some of the drivers behind that satisfaction and how can we keep and win business. The rest of the executives on the team were impressed by the results and we’ve instituted some new programs because of the findings. Thanks for your creative approach to an otherwise traditional task. You may feel free to use me as a reference.”

Robert Spillar, V.P. Marketing, Balboa Water Group

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