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The Logo Spotlight

See Our Newest Corporate Branding Project!

ExoTech has a completely new way of computing and was in need of a unique corporate logo and branding program to tell its story. The new logo below comes with ExoTech Inventor’s highest praises. Enjoy!

TESTIMONIAL: We asked many others to design a logo for us that would express and convey the complex concepts we needed to communicate – with no success at all. Then we were lucky enough to meet Jack Potter of Potter Marketing & Branding, and gave him the same brief we had previously given to others.

Jack, however, turned our brief into the most stunning logo concept that communicated exactly what we wanted it to, and he created a Logo that is (in our opinion) one of the best and most communicative we have ever seen anywhere.

Brilliantly done Jack, we are very grateful to you. Your Logo will live long and, we expect, join the Logo Hall of Fame.

Peter D. Warren, CEO ExoTech Ltd


Logos & Branding,

Their Use In Corporate & Product Imaging

by Jack Potter

A logo—whether a unique typeface, monogram or clever symbol—is your company’s first statement about its marketing position and its branding. Your average prospect is bombarded with thousands of verbal and visual messages daily, so words become a blur. But a well-thought-out graphic design is easily remembered. We all know that the mind can draw many conclusions after one quick look. To take full advantage of that fact, your logo should convey the right images that help the viewer create the conclusions you want them to have about your company or corporation. A positive impression that leads them to buy…from you!




Take A Quick Look At Your Logo & Branding

Look at your logo and branding. Quick, what images come to mind? Your company logo communicated much more than just your company name. It screamed to the viewer: Professional! Creative! Dull! Classy! Boring! Disorganized! Economical! Cheesy! Trustworthy! Cutting edge! It left impressions. Getting your company’s logo to slam home the right message about your business or product, at the right volume, is vital. Ultimately, your business logo must convey clearly what your company does.

Hire A Professional

When involved in creating logos & branding –  hiring a professional firm to develop your logo is a must. Only a professional logo design firm can innovate, draw upon proven artistic communication tools, and know what will render well in any medium. A great logo should be a perfect blend of insight, creativity, and communication.

The business owner should know what concepts need to be conveyed in the logo but must leave the concept and the graphic design to the professional. You wouldn’t hire a pro and then tell him/her what to do, would you? In fact, the owner shouldn’t choose the final logo…because the owner is not the person whom the logo must impress! It must impress his prospects and his existing clients.

In Logos & Branding, Confusion Is Your Enemy

Confusion is the enemy of any great marketing program. Before choosing a logo, a small business owner should define what images the company must project. If you coach your sales staff to extol “quality,” but your logo does not reflect it, sales mysteriously won’t close. If your desired message is “low-cost leader,” too glitzy a logo will convey that you’re overpriced and make too much profit. If your logo doesn’t attract immediate attention and state a clear message that aligns with your sales team’s message and the message in your promotional materials or website, then potential customers will lose interest and become confused. Never forget, confusion is your enemy, and always remember that the logo is your company’s first and most important introduction.

Impression Test Your New Logo & Branding

Before making your final choice, “impression test” the top logo designs, out in the marketplace. Ask your clients, potential clients, and others in your industry to select from among several different designs. Get them to vote on their favorite, they’ll love it and they’ll buy into your new image. For more information on logos and branding, go to our NEWS section and our BLOG section above.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Let’s talk about your new logo. What should it communicate and to which audience? What are the keywords or phrases that trigger your sale? Doesn’t your hard work & investment deserve a professional logo design? Go to the CONTACT section at the top right or just call Jack at 949.636.638, today!


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“A well-designed logo and its branding distinguish a professional company from an amateur one! “ Jack Potter


TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Jack Potter and the Potter Marketing & Branding Team for over a dozen years. We now benefit from the efficiency of a partner that knows our business, knows our style, and knows how we think. Today, they work just as smart and just as creatively to earn our business as they did 12+ years ago. Potter Marketing & Branding truly is a strategic partner to us at Hirsch Electronics.” Rob Zivney, Vice President of Marketing, Hirsch Electronics Corporation


TESTIMONIAL: “Potter Marketing & Branding provided us with professional, artistic, and effective marketing materials. All of our needs were met with a complete understanding of what was essential and of where we wanted to go with our marketing. Guidance was offered when necessary. All of our deadlines were met. We were always offered a variety of ideas and designs enabling us to choose the best for what was needed. The only problem being that sometimes all of the ideas and designs were great, making choosing difficult.”  Doris Caitak, Director, Nature’s Embrace Organics


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