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Corporate Logos & Branding Design


TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you very much for your creativity and your exceptional service. We would like to mention the excellent logo design you did for “Les Residences Fontainebleau” and my company “Les Appartements Montreal-Nord Ltee.” The logo and overall graphics made the company trucks stand out and be recognizable by the entire community. Another great logo you created was for “Construction Renovabec” and after many years it is still very up-to-date. Thank you again.”

Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Owner & CEO, Les Residences Fontainbleau, Les Appartements Montreal-Nord Ltee. and Construction Renovabec Inc.



TESTIMONIAL: “After 15 years I am still a believer. I wasn’t sure at first that “Fleet Vehicle Signage” would work for us but I was hopeful. Great news, it has worked beyond my expectations! We drive into new areas, park our trucks at new businesses and very soon thereafter we have calls and new business from other businesses in that same area. Your “Traveling Billboards” concept has really worked for our business and is constantly attracting great attention and new customers. Thanks to Potter Marketing & Branding for your creative, affordable, and timely corporate logo and branding program and now our fleet signage. You delivered much more than you promised. If you have a prospect or a customer that would like to ask me about your work, feel free to have them call me. Thank you again for your excellent work.”

DMR, CEO & President, Clearwater Egg & Poultry


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