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Karen Drew

Karen Drew
Marketing Research Surveys and Analysis

Karen Drew brings to Potter Marketing & Branding that rare mix of a high interest in people combined with excellent quantitative and qualitative management skills.

For more than 30 years Karen has made it her business to precisely specify and quantify who thinks-and feels what about our clients’ products, services, features, benefits, brand names, logos, pricing, and competitors.

Her work includes situation and market analysis, development of survey questionnaires, formats and interviewing venues. She has supervised teams of researchers in the successful completion of more than 750 survey and research projects. The tabulation, evaluation and analysis of responses has formed the basis for extremely effective marketing campaigns.

Often, many leads and strategic partnerships come directly from the survey process, many times paying for the expense of research immediately. As a Corporate Researcher her competitive analysis and research helped guide product development, acquisitions, mergers, partnerships and strategic decision making processes.

Target markets that Karen has personally investigated in depth include computer hardware and software, aerospace, engineering, chemical industry, automotive, publishing, mortgage banking, retail, and Web oriented e-commerce ventures.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Chico State University and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society.

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