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Jon von Gunten

Jon von Gunten 
Creative Writing &      
     Public Relations

Jon von Gunten is a skilled journalist, writer, publicist and marketing strategist. He specializes in business-to-business communications for high technology, but has also created campaigns to market cosmetics, clinics, medical devices, communities and municipalities.

Uniquely, Jon’s educational background combines a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism with decades of direct sales to technology managers and business decision makers. Since then, he has co-strategized and written countless successful ad campaigns, channel marketing incentives, press releases, email blasts, product launches, video scripts, branding initiatives, web and social media pieces, business plans, and press bookings.

Jon’s 200 case studies detailing business, technical and efficiency benefits of solution software in retail, government and engineering environments round out his deliverables.

Clients’ products and services benefiting from Jon’s quick uptake and skill set include engineering and business software, retail web marketing solutions, civic and municipal projects, environmental impact reports (EIRs), medical devices and solutions, specialty chemicals, and aerospace/defense systems and components.


“Too many PR teams don’t understand what an editor really needs. Their casual approach wastes all parties’ money and time. Do your research. Learn your client’s business and products. Know thy audience. Tell their truth persuasively.” Jon von Gunten 


Editors take Jon’s calls and usually print his articles verbatim. He slams home salient points in a clear, understandable style that editors value.

Jon always exceeds the demands of Potter Marketing & Branding’s many and varied clients. They love him because he builds relationships, quickly grasps new situations and product nuances, and finds ways to phrase every situation. He gets them noticed, gets them leads, and gets them ink! Let’s do something creative together.

With staff such as Jon and the rest, why not engage Potter Marketing & Branding? Try us for a project and then you’ll want to have us work on your whole account. Find out for yourself about… Designed Results!

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