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Logos & Branding Tip #A

Logos & Branding Tip #A

Here is a different kind of post for my Blog.

I am really BUGGED! How about you?

Big Bug

We’ve all heard the advice, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” But what does that mean in marketing? Sixty years of business research has proven conclusively that when times are tough, promoting your business harder and wiser will do you far more good than the defeatist adage of, “Tighten your belt, hunker down, and wait till the storm blows over.” You can’t climb the mountain if you hunker in a bunker. Accountants, number crunchers and the like would have us believe that we can “save our way out” of this downturn. That really BUGs me!!!

But really isn’t the answer always: “Get more income in the door?” The truth is that one must row with both oars: Promote and close new business first, while you also tighten expenditures.  You’ll only… Continue reading