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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

& Graphic Design

Potter Marketing & Branding: As an integrated marketing design, corporate logo and branding agency, we employ the full spectrum of creative services from research, positioning, marketing plans to implementation/launch programs with all of the copy and graphics necessary to help you integrate your marketing. Integrated Marketing saves money and gets greater attention and much better ROI than the usual “hit and miss” or “shotgun” approach that many companies use. See examples below of our more recent and ongoing integrated marketing campaigns.

Hirsch Identive

Hirsch Identive, formerly Hirsch Electronics, came to Potter Marketing & Branding looking for a marketing partnership to help develop a fully integrated business promotion approach. We started with a new corporate logo and branding package and assignments eventually included two more product logos, presentation folders, corporate and product brochures, advertising, signage, 40 technical datasheets, 4 binders, multiple trade show booth graphics, several DVD packages, website graphics, packaging, and more. It was a typical long-term relationship with measurable High-ROI Benefits!


TESTIMONIAL:I have worked with Jack Potter and the Potter Marketing & Branding team for more than a decade. We now benefit from the efficiency of a partner that knows our business, knows our style, and knows how we think. Today, PM&B work just as smart and just as creatively to earn our business as they did twelve years ago. Potter Marketing truly is a strategic partner to Hirsch Electronics.”

Rob Zivney, formerly Marketing Vice President of Hirsch Electronics and now is Vice President of Government & Standards at the Identive Group (Hirsch’s Parent Company).


Below are a few of the many promotional

products we’ve created for

Hirsch Electronics Corporation

for more than a dozen years!



Corporate Logo


Physical Security On My Network – Trade Magazine Advertisement


Professional Services Data Sheet



Hirsch Identive Web Site


Product Logo


Velocity Software Promotional Package and Trade Magazine Advertisement


Product Logo


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