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POWER Hiring

Integrated Marketing: POWER Hiring engaged Potter Marketing & Branding (PM&B) with a great desire to integrate all of their marketing efforts from their promotional literature, their advertising, direct mail campaigns and their image and branding. We reviewed all of their existing literature and found no systematic approach and absolutely no branding.

Jack Potter informed the President of Power Hiring that there is a standard way to market a product or service and if one patiently uses the system, step by step, with no short cuts, success is assured. Jack convinced them to trust the system. We did our research, competitive analysis and created and implemented a marketing plan to attain the goals set. Our client was very receptive, did as we suggested and was quite surprised at the out come, see the Testimonial below.

PB&B provided guidance, designed and created a true marketing system for all of their collateral pieces including a presentation folder, brochure, mini-brochure as a hand out and as a mailer and their four direct mail post cards. Also included was the look and feel for all of their future pieces. The client and staff were thrilled with the creative products, the interpersonal chemistry and the ROI. All of our clients get our standardDesigned Results!


TESTIMONIAL: “Thanks very much to Potter Marketing & Branding. The campaign definitely is having a great impact on our prospects and our customers. Your integrated concept, marketing strategy, design, lay-out, printing and the chemistry were simply World Class.”   Lou Adler, President, POWERHiring.com


Presentation Folder, Corporate Brochure & Direct Mail Mini-Brochure

Quarterly Direct Mail Post Card Campaign

Four Direct Mail Post Card Designs

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