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Gillian Christie, Public Relations & Goddess of Green

Gillian Christie
Public Relations & Goddess of Green

Gillian Christie. “My passion is to improve societal conditions by helping the ethical entrepreneurs to forward their messages and accomplish their goals.”

In a world of cutthroat businesss, Gillian’s innovative style sets a new standard. Creativity, enthusiasm, drive, unflagging energy and sense of commitment are Gillian’s hallmarks, whether she is running, exploring foreign lands or helping clients with innovative ideas that achieve brilliant successes. Her attitude is contagious.

Gillian has been involved with Public Relations, marketing and management for over 20 years. In 1983, Gillian started her own company, Christie Consulting, developing and implementing business and marketing strategies for expanding companies. After many successful years as a consultant and business manager, she started Christie Communications, Inc., using her talent and training in Public Relations and media relations to help companies reach their goals. Potter Marketing & Branding has been involved with Gillian’s success. Jack and Gilillian continue to work together on projects.

Gillian remains extremely active in charity and community affairs. She currently sits on the boards of Citizens for a Balanced Community (CBC) and Safe Harbor, a non-profit organization for Alternative Mental Health. She is also active in several non-profit organizations such as Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

A little-known fact about Gillian is that she produced and was a radio personality for a local radio talk show for twelve years. Her radio expertise includes ad scripting, voice-over, production, jingles and music beds. Her on-air talent has been used for live performances at trade shows, hosting events, non-profit auctions and commentaries for TV and radio.

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