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Fun Art

Jack Potter’s Fun Art

Featured Art of the Month:

“Pastel Jungle”

For a complete showing of Jack’s “Fun Art” and to purchase one for your home or office, go to:


Jack Potter is first and foremost a fine artist. Classically trained in the many disciplines of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, pastels, pencil, conte, ceramics, wood sculpture, and metal sculpture as well as graphic design. Jack most recently has turned his creativity to mixed media (digital/acrylic) paintings on canvas that he calls “FUN ART.” These same vibrant and happy designs are now being produced for Art Galleries, Hospitality, and Corporate markets and may, as well, be applied to ceramic tiles and wallpaper for the clients wanting murals in their homes or business.

Born in south Texas, Jack adopted southern California as his home when his family moved to Laguna Beach, CA, an Artist Colony, in the early 1950s. It was here that he learned to surf and draw and has been doing both ever since. Jack has been an artist since the age of two. In the fourth grade, one of his crayon drawings won first prize in a citywide Laguna Beach competition and was then featured in a local, prominent gallery. He devoted his freshman year at Illinois State University to study of the art of teaching art, and in his Sophomore year moved to New Mexico and then graduated from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 1967 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and in graphic design for marketing and Advertising.

In 2002, after more than 30 years of creating marketing and graphic art for others, Jack broke out of the box and got back to his roots in Fine Art. While continuing his Marketing & Branding Agency business, in the evenings he turned his skills in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop to designing a conceptually innovative line of men’s Hawaiian-style shirts he called “Happy Island Wear. He finished over 80 colorful and evocative designs. They are bold, bright and unique in subject and rendition. You just feel happy and enthusiastic when you see them and… when you wear them. ”Jack’s designs capture the spirit of play and success.” Jack created some Happy Work Wear shirts for IHOP Corp and Red Robin Restaurants as-well-as guest shirts for The Freewinds Cruise Ship.

Happy Island & Happy Work Wear - Promotional Guest & Server Shirts

                                                  Happy Workwear – Promotional, Guest & Server Shirts

Since moving to Clearwater, Florida in 2006, Jack along with many of his artist buddies formed a new group, Artists In Action International, a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation. AIAI’s purpose is to organize, promote and assist artists in every field of the arts to be more professional, profitable and productive. Started in Clearwater, FL in February 2007, it boasts of over 100 members. Jack was the Founder, Chairman, Executive Director of Artists In Action. To visit us go to http://www. ArtistsInActionInt.Org.

You may see some of Jack’s “Fun Art” paintings in the downtown area of Clearwater on Cleveland Street. Check them out. For a high quality print, simply click online at http://www. fineartamerica.com/jackpotter

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