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Advertising Designer – Cindy Taghavi

Cindy Taghavi, BA,
Art director, Advertising Designer & Production Manager

Art Director & Designer

As an Art Director & Designer, Cindy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Colorado, Greater Denver Area in advertising design and has worked continuously in the field for more than 30 years. She began with Potter Marketing in 1985, right out of school, as an fine artist and an advertising designer. We’ve been lucky enough to work with her throughout her career up into present time.

An expert advertising designer, Cindy is well versed in all aspects of advertising design – like Adobe Illustrator and photoshop software programs, InDesign layout and composition programs, as-well-as project and production management and all aspects of print preparation, quality control and final approval of the printing phase. A fine artist in her own right too, Cindy brings that sensibility to all of her projects. She is equally versed as an art director, a digital artist, lay-out artist and an illustrator. She does it all well and…she’s fast. Cindy has designed and managed small, medium and major corporation projects. Our clients love her calm, unflappable confidence and her get-it -done intention. So do we!!!

Managing outside vendors with ease, such as printers, photographers, illustrators, other designers, copywriters, trade show booth production and all of our own production staff. She ensures our competitive rates stay competitive while she uncompromisingly oversees quality and timeliness and…with a great attitude. We believe her when she says, “Anything can be accomplished with a good attitude and hard work!”

With staff such as Cindy, why not engage Potter Marketing & Branding? Try us for a project and then have us work on your whole account. Find out for yourself about our…Designed Results!

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