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Corporate & Product Advertising Design

Often called the second oldest profession, advertising should be instantly interesting, persuasive and it should get a strong return on investment (ROI). A single ad is not a campaign and “wears out” quickly. Multiple ads in multiple magazines over the duration of the year will get the best result. Many companies spend enormous budgets and then quit just before the ROI begins to roll in.

Potter Marketing & Branding, for over five decades, has created many, many campaigns that have gotten prospects to respond favorably and brought our client’s companies excellent ROI. We have also integrated all of their marketing efforts to bring them maximum attention, goodwill, and sales. We will do the same for you. Why not give us a call?

Hirsch Identiv

(Formerly Hirsch Electronics Corporation)


TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Jack Potter and his Potter Marketing Team for over a decade. We now benefit from the efficiency of a partner that knows our business, knows our style, and knows how we think. Today, they work just as smart and just as creatively to earn our business as they did ten years ago. Potter Marketing truly is a strategic partner to Hirsch Electronics.” Rob Zivney, formerly VP Marketing, Hirsch Electronics Corporation


Product Advertising — Hirsch Electronics


Hirsch Electronics ~ Corporate Ad


Hirsch Electronics – Product Ad


Hirsch Electronics ~ Velocity Access, Badging


Hirsch Electronics ~ Tighter ADA Compliance


Hirsch Electronics – Corporate Ad

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