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DataTech Depot

DataTech Depot, a 4th Party Electronics Repair Depot, came to Potter Marketing with a branding and advertising problem in need of a solution. Although they were quite successful, their sales had slowed and it was felt that they had outgrown their early image and had quite a lack of continuity. After an extended discussion and fact-finding, they engaged us to bring them up-to-date and to do a complete marketing over-hall and to integrate all of their collateral.

We began our research and investigated the competition. Since all of their competitors had quite serious ads, we decided to “turn-the-tables” and do the opposite. We created a humorous look for their new full page, full color “Trade Magazine” advertisements for their yearly campaign. These ads, to put it mildly, created quite a sensation in their industry and, more importantly, with their potential clients.  The “Big Badass Bug” character logo we created worked especially well and brought quite a lot of attention and interest toward DataTech Depot.

Later we were engaged to take on all of their brochures, data sheets and to assist them with their trade show booth graphics. We used the new image and branding in all areas and built their brand. This was a very fun series of projects with a very strong ROI for our client and as we promised, we delivered…Designed Results!  

Big Badass Bug

DataTech Depot – No Bug Too Big!

DataTech Depot Debugs Printers

DataTech Depot – Outsourcing Repairs?

DataTech Depot ~ Repair Strategy Bugged?

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