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Marketing, Branding & Your Company’s Goals!

Potter Marketing & Branding is a professional marketing services agency, We specialize in corporate logos, branding and graphic design. Founded in 1971, we have since won over 30 national and regional awards for creativity and excellence along the way.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns are our specialty for more than four decades. We have worked with and successfully raised revenues for more than 250 companies, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 Corporations. See more in the INDUSTRIES section above.

PM&B prides itself on retaining lasting client relationships by clearly traceable ROI increases and client growth. PM&B has the longest track record of any “full service” marketing services firm in Orange County, California and now in Clearwater, Florida. We are happily in our 46th year of service.

Our Staff includes creative individuals with decades of experience in a wide diversity of accounts. Their multifaceted talents allow us to offer our clients the same caliber of marketing services that are typically associated with the larger, more expensive agencies and…at our economical pricing.

The following are examples of some of our marketing and branding services that increase our client’s ROI.

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