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Product Packaging

 Product Packaging &

 Point-Of-Sale Promotion

At Potter Marketing & Branding we know that all products need packaging in one form or another. Packaging is not only for retail products but also for almost any product or service. Proper designs help the product leap into the hands of the targeted public. Bad designs just lie there and later become residents of the discount stores or worse. To ensure proper graphic designs, many successful companies employ marketing research and impression testing to ensure their ROI.

Natures Embrace Organics

NEO came to us needing everything. We started with a corporate logo, a product logo and then product labels, brochures, point-of-sale literature and posters, trade show booth graphics and finally a complete web site that included all of the logos and branding and the corporate positioning.


Nature’s Embrace Organics – Product Line Labels & Window Poster

Nature’s Embrace Organics Home Web Page

NEO Direct Mail & Mini-Brochure Handout

TESTIMONIAL: “Potter Marketing provided us with professional, artistic and effective marketing materials. All of our needs were met with a complete understanding of what was essential  and of where we wanted to go with our marketing. Guidance was offered when necessary. All of our deadlines were met. We were always offered a variety of ideas and designs enabling us to choose the best for what was needed. The only problem, the ideas and designs were all great, making choosing the best very difficult.” Doris Caitak, Director of Nature’s Embrace Organics & CFO of Native State Organics, Inc.

NEO- Facial Care Product Line


Freewinds Cruise Ship

Toiletry Label Designs

The Majestic Cruise Lines came to us needing professionally designed labels for their in cabin toiletry bottles as-well-as for their gift shop. Bright and colorful, our designs did the job, brilliantly!



Below are more examples of packaging, labels, and point of sale promotion. Enjoy!

Macintosh – Logos & Software Packaging

In-home Self Study System

Root Rack – Home Gardening Rooting System


TABMASTER – Soda Tab Top & Bottle Opener

Qwicky Notes – Fill-in-the-blank notes and POP Display

Crumrine – Western Belt Buckle Catalog

WEED SEED – Packaging & In-store Promotion for “Brown Thumb Gardeners”

CREST Toothpaste – Prize

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