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Build a Better Brand with a Better Logo!

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Click on Logos & Branding (left navigation bar) to view many more of our award winning corporate logo designs. See our reviews in the SUCCESS section above. “With 46 years of experience and our modern design concepts, you may trust our experience and bank on the results, we guarantee your satisfaction…period!”   Call NOW – 727.812.8982 and ask for Jack!

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 Professionally Designed Logos & Branding –

NOT Amateur Efforts!

Potter Marketing & Branding started in 1971 and for the past 46 years has specialized in the creation of corporate logos, product logos and branding. Our experience has gained us valuable knowledge in what it takes to communicate your message to your potential clients. Get prospects to purchase from your business, NOT your competitors! 


Trust Our Experience – Bank the Results!

Engage Potter Marketing & Branding!

For more logo history and 16 tips about logos, go to our BLOG section above and then… Call Jack Potter to get started – 727.812.8982. 

Jack Potter, Founder, Creative Director & Logosmith


TESTIMONIAL: “I used Potter Marketing & Branding to create our logo/corporate image for my new consulting firm, Vision Practice Management, Inc. Jack did an amazing array of excellent designs based on the criteria I laid out, including the survey results we had gathered. When the surveys required major changes in our direction, he rolled with the punches and helped make it work for us. When we urgently needed materials put together for a trade show on a very tight timeframe, Jack was right there doing spectacular work when we most needed it. It is truly a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend his services.”  David Sanders, CEO, Vision Practice Management, Inc.


TESTIMONIAL: “Your research, planning, marketing and graphic design produced a series of promotional literature and advertisements that clearly stand out, and gets us results. We wanted 100% growth in one year but you helped us achieve a remarkable 450% growth in 90 days. You  promised  us results and we received much, much more.”  Leonard Ryan, President, RAM Computer Associates 


TESTIMONIAL: “Potter Marketing & Branding provided us with professional, artistic and effective marketing materials. All of our needs were met with a complete understanding of what was essential  and of where we wanted to go with our marketing. Guidance was offered when necessary. All of our deadlines were met. We were always offered a great variety of designs enabling us to choose the best for our needs. The only problem being that sometimes all of the designs were great, making the choosing difficult.”   Doris Caitak, Director, NEOrganics 


Shouldn’t your new logo be a professional statement? 

  Shouldn’t it reflect your company’s best image?

Shouldn’t your new logo be memorable?

Expand your business – with a firm that has statistically demonstrated their competence in new business acquisition for the past 46 years! Here are some traps, tricks, tips and some solutions to increasing your reach into your marketplace.

No clear message – Many businesses have not yet worked out their marketing message, nor updated their logos for many years. A logo – whether a unique typeface, a monogram or a clever symbol – is your company’s first statement about its marketing position and branding. Better make it a great one! You won’t have a second chance at a first impression.

Hire a professional – A great logo should be a perfect blend of insight, creativity, and communication. Hiring a professional firm to develop your logo is an absolute must. Only a professional logo design firm can innovate, draw upon proven artistic communication tools, and know what will render well in any medium, large or small and print or electronic. This is not the place to try to do-it-yourself or “on-the-cheap for $99.” After all…you do get what you pay for. Remember, if you pay peanuts you often get monkeys!!!

Your average prospect – is bombarded with many thousands of written, verbal and visual messages daily. Words, pictures and sounds become a blur. But a well-thought-out graphic symbol can easily be remembered. We all know that the mind can draw many conclusions after one quick glance at something. To take full advantage of that fact, your new logo should convey images that help the viewer create the conclusions you want them to have about your company, corporation, product or service. Your company and your products want to be seen as professional – NOT less!

As an owner, CEO, or Marketing Director – you can tell us what sales concepts and product ideas your logo must convey. Your logo will communicate your “differentiators” in the first few seconds that your prospects glimpse your logo. Our “Impression Testing” of your prospects and customers will reveal which of the designs we will create for you packs the most memorable visual punch. Research helps you know before you go. Go right — NOT wrong!

Now is the time to engage – the professionals at Potter Marketing & Branding to create your corporate, company or product logo and branding. We can help you drive in many more qualified and closable leads that will result in sales, with your new logo and branding. Just, click on Logos & Branding in the navigation bar on top left to view many more of our award winning logo designs. Our result driven design is affordable – Engage Potter Marketing & Branding TODAY!


Trust Our Experience – Bank the Results!

Become much more memorable, call us!

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